Emotional commercial

Let’s head for Thailand where the need for a life insurance is communicated in a very emotional way.

Emotion is an important aspect of campaigns. In different emotions, a message can be perceived in a different way. Try to imagine a donating campaign for children at war. How would you perceive this campaign when you are mad? And how would you if you were commiserative. In a mad mood you will probably focus on the bad guys creating the war (who you don’t want to send money) and in a commiserative mood, you might feel compassion for the children. The messenger will use everything as music, colors, text, lyrics and sound to get you in the right mood.

Life insurrances

Insurrances and especially life insurrances, are hard to sell. It is clearly a low-involvement product. It is not a product you have in your mind every day and it takes some time before it will actually be useful. Also the risk aversion of people is a lot lower these days than it used to be.

Commercial example

Following campaign is a good example of a messenger that gets you in that right emotion. This commercial sends shivers down my spine. The messenger takes you along the story of the character. Slow music is being played with a lot of minor achords which bring you in a sad mood. Minor achords sound a lot gloomier than major achords. Time to watch the video.

Whether this emotion leads to more conversion is a question that I couldn’t answer. Culture plays a big role in that question too. The messenger probably has his reasons for choosing this emotion.


To cheer you up a bit after that commercial, here is another one containing a lot of emotion. Compasion and love play a big role in the next video. Again you are dragged into the live of the character in a beautiful way. Namely, by creating likeliness for the character which is a great way to let you feel more for the character. This time music in major achords. But also a ascending melody with a acceleration in the rhythm, a perfect key to make you feel happy.

Watch the moment were the commercial shifts to happiness. You can hear the music change rhythm and smiling faces apear on the screen. Your brains will take all these aspects into consideration and put a smile on your face.

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