Feedback form on the loo!

Do you have a NPS score on your website, feedback buttons at the end of your emails and does customer service asks your customers to score the conversations. Nowadays every company asks feedback to their customers, but here is a weird experience of what we can all learn.

The idea of writing this post started on my holiday in France. I had to stop at a tank station and visited the restroom. After peeing at the urinal I noticed an interface with a question: “How clean was this toilet?” including 3 smileys. A few questions popped up: Why is this next to the urinal and not next to the exit? Why was the toilet dirty if they have this interface? Do I want to touch the button? Everything is the toilet has sensors, flushing, hand washing, hand drying, why not these buttons? I am starting to doubt whether this way of asking feedback actually works.

So I pushed the red button three times, waited half an hour, and nothing happened.

From the loo to the website

Exactly the same mistakes are made by marketers with feedback forms. You often hear: “We want smileys!”. Without taking in consideration that they actually have to take action on the given feedback. It is like pushing a red button in a dirty restroom. If you give your customers the opportunity to give you feedback, then also listen to what your customer has to say. Or else, it would only frustrate your customers.

Design of the forms

Your online form doesn’t need a sensor because your mouse is clean (I do hope so). But design mistakes are easily made. To get a high rating to report to managers, marketers play with colors and smileys. Customers are unconsciously influenced that rating a 9 seems like being ‘just satisfied’ and rating a 6 is being ‘terribly disappointed’. A nice report is sent to the manager, but in the end, customers will walk.

Location, location, location

Putting a button next to the urinal is the worst idea ever. Nobody wants to touch it because nobody had the change to wash their hands yet. Ask your customer feedback at the right moment. How often I see an annoying pop-up when I try to go back one page on a website: “Are you satisfied with the website?”. Well, I don’t know, just got here.

Actionable questions

Do you like this e-mail? Are you happy with the website? A lot of questions aren’t really actionable. So what are you going to do when 80% presses ‘bad’. Be more specific and make sure you are able to improve the experience when you receive feedback. Always leave a space for customers to elaborate their response.

We should have more respect for the opinion of our customers. They take the effort to help you as a company, to give you the opportunity to satisfy your customers even more. So think twice when you put smileys on your website or toilet.

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