50 A/B test ideas for email

Testing in email marketing is the best way to increase your email metrics. Every audience is different and therefore behavior differs. You can’t find online what works for your audience, you simply have to test. Here is a list of 50 ideas to inspire you to test more:

Subject line

The subject line should trigger your customer to open. It is the first impression they will get from your email and will have a great impact on your overall metrics. If your list size allows, consider sending a pre-test one day before to select the best subject line.


  • Using sub-header
  • The color of the button (see article)
  • Button text
  • Order of the content
  • Image to text ratio
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Size of product images
  • Arrows, lines and brackets around/after prices, copy and URLs
  • Animated Gifs
  • Video in email
  • Long copy or short copy
  • Add an intro or remove the intro
  • Add a game or contest

Personalization and Segmentation

  • Location
  • The population density of a city
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Customer cycle
  • Income level
  • Having kids
  • Order size
  • Number of orders
  • Product category
  • Opens/Clicks
  • RFM model
  • Personal data in the copy


  • Percentage vs. dollars
  • Communicating price: $15,- / 15 dollar / $15 / 15,-
  • Using benefits of the products instead of the gifts
  • Functional benefits vs. Imagery benefits
  • Creating fear of missing out vs. reward
  • Use bullet points for benefits
  • Top 3 products
  • Add customer satisfaction score or reaction
  • Recommendations


  • Sending time
  • Sending day
  • Interval between trigger and email
  • Depend sending on weather
  • Using a no-mail group
  • Split group and change frequency
  • Send a reminder
  • From name
  • 2 step campaign with engage email vs one sales email

Happy testing!

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