5 ideas for Event-Driven Marketing Campaigns

We all want to increase the number of Event Driven Marketing campaigns because we are all aware that it is an effective way of marketing. The right offer, at the right moment, trough the right channel. Event-based campaigns are highly effective because the customer gets an offer that he needs at that moment, Instead of sending offers at the moment the company wants you to buy. These 5 events are proven to be effective, so see if you can use them in your company.


A reactivation campaign is often set up on the spur of the moment: “let’s reactivate some customers”. However, this can easily be set up as an event-driven campaign. But now, the event is a customer who hasn’t been doing something for a period of time. That could be buying, clicking or opening emails. And the inactive period of time depends on your product and company. For example: Try a reactivation email on customers who haven’t opened emails in the last month. With these kinds of event-driven campaigns, make sure that they receive this campaign only once.


Maybe you already have a welcome campaign, but there is always room for improvement. I have seen complete programs containing a call by call center agent, personalized videos, data enrichment, direct mails and of course emails. All of that in one welcome journey. Make sure that your welcome is memorable so the customer remembers the subscription.

Create events

For the more advanced campaign developers. Try to create more events that lead to engagement. Especially for B2B, this could be interesting. Give a webinar and set up a follow-up journey, create a white paper to download, let potential customers leave their email address on your exhibition stand, etcetera.


Follow up a click in an email. A click in an email can leave a lot of information. It shows what the customer is interested in. When you have a broad variety of products this can help you gain more sales. For example, if you sell electronics and you are going to follow up clicks. In the first email, you present 5 different product categories and a customer clicks on headphones but hasn’t bought something in your store. It could help to send that customer an email with different kind of headphones.

Abandoned shopping cart

If you do not have it yet, make sure you build this campaign. People get distracted so easily nowadays and that could be during the order process on your website. And they could even forget to finish the order. Do not think this does not happen to your shop.

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