3 ways to get more data from customers

Because the possibilities on how we can use data grow every day, the value of that data is rising. But how do you get data from your customers? How do you know what they like? Here 3 tips to enrich the data of your customers by letting them fill it in.

Make a quiz

People like filling in quizzes. Especially when it is personal. How about you use that quiz to collect data. Think of a fun quiz where people are eager for the outcome. Hide questions in that quiz to enrich your data. You should be able to retrieve all the answers customers give and save that in the database. A few examples:

  • Retail: TEST How much do you know about food? – Hide questions on preferred food
  • Car insurance: What kind of car are you? – You can think of a lot of hidden questions where customers give away their risk adversity
  • Sports shops: On which celebrity do you look like? Hide questions on which sports they do or anything else you need in your customer profile, not much to hide here
  • Recruitment: Discover your drivers and skills? Easy to ask questions on what kind of job customers are looking for

Use the right moment

On some moments, customers are willing to give some extra information. For example, when they subscribe or after a buying procedure. Do not be afraid to ask some extra questions, but make sure the process isn’t being disturbed. Too many questions during a subscription can scare off a potential customer. Maybe you can include some extra questions on a next page after subscribing. But these moments are valuable and make sure to use them.

Simply ask

When customers are engaged with your brand, you can simply ask them to give you some information. As long as you stick to a few rules:

  • Be short and simple, do not make it hard to understand
  • Indicate a duration or number of question in advance
  • Communicate an advantage for the customer
  • If it is one question, just put it directly in an email
  • Make it easy to answer, no logins

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