Smart Email Birthday Campaigns


Creating a meaningful campaign requires you to ask the right question. Start creating meaningful birthday campaigns and build a strong customer relationship instead of pushing vouchers on the customers probably busiest day of the year. I used to get tons of emails on my birthday, but that seems to be over. Do companies finally realize that just creating a birthday campaign with a voucher does not work?

A year ago

I think I received more emails from companies than letters from friends. However, I never used any voucher they ever send me on my birthday. It is a busy day and I am waiting for my presents. I would be stupid to use that 5 euro voucher for an electronic store when I am possibly going to receive some gift vouchers, money or exactly the same product on my birthday. Because of the number of emails sent on that day, none of them is actually memorable so I won’t be using any of those five holiday-vouchers I received.

Smarter campaigns

Finally, this year I received two campaigns that were actually effective on me and probably way more effective than the old campaigns. Exactly one week before my birthday I received two emails (at that moment I realized my birthday was over precisely one week). One from my grocery store, offering potato chips discounts and preparing me for my birthday. They actually try to help me here sending suggestions for my birthday. On their end, of course, they try to make me buy my party groceries at their store.
The second campaign I received on the same day, was from my barbershop. With the message: “Look handsome on your birthday”. Also, a smart campaign where the company uses the right moment to offer me what I need. However, maybe it is me, but I needed that two weeks in advance.

The right moment, the right product

A few years ago everybody shouted: “We need a birthday campaign!”. And exactly that reasoning is probably why there are a lot fewer birthday campaigns now. They might have realized that the campaign was not creating any turnover. In a customer relationship perspective, a better point of view would be: “What do our customers need before, at, and after their birthday”? This point of view will help you create a campaign with the right products offered at the right moment. You might come to the conclusion that a birthday campaign does not suit your products, then either leave your customer alone on his or her birthday or use it as a moment to engage and not to sell. Take in mind that someone’s birthday is not always the same day as the party.

Ideas for campaigns

We already discussed two campaigns, but they are way more campaigns to come up with. Think about what do customers actually buy or need concerning their party or birthday and how can you get them to buy those certain products or services at your store.

  • The barbershop: Look handsome on your birthday
  • Grocery store: Get your party needs here
  • Electronic store: Audio for your party / mini fridge for cold beer
  • Furniture: presenting plates
  • Fashion: Dress up for your birthday

I expect to get a lot of emails next year in the two weeks before my birthday 😉

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