Creating sense of urgency and scarcity

In marketing sense of urgency and scarcity are used to force a customer to take immediate action. But how do you create these senses on your readers? Here are 5 factors that increase that sense.
First, let me explain the difference between urgency and scarcity. Urgency is when there is a feeling you need to act quickly or else you would miss it. While scarcity is where something is about to run out and you need to act now to get it. So both principles look alike in a way that they are both about acting quickly and also about the fear of missing out. However, scarcity doesn’t always have to be based on fear, what is the fact with urgency. Scarcity can also be used as creating importance of a product. Only 3 left, does also mean that a lot of other people chose the other rooms and therefore the perceived value of the product would be lifted.

Use deadlines

Time is obviously a serious matter in creating a sense of urgency. If there isn’t a deadline, there is no urgency. These deadlines can be presented in different ways. Often, in emails, I see the deadline at the end in small letters. While that could be very well used to create urgency. A nice trick here is also to use countdown timers. Here is a website where you can easily create html countdown timers without adds and put them in your email:

Urgent colors

Use red, orange and yellow as color to emphasize urgency. All three colors are used commonly in warning signs and will attract the attention of your reader. Use these color for text that emphasizes urgency and scarcity. That means basically you should use these colors in all the other tips.

Limited time

Using limited periods of sale has the same effect of using deadlines. For example, summer sale, spring sale or Christmas sale. However, it is always vague because the exact deadline is not clear. That means using a deadline brings more urgency, but a limited period might suit your brand or campaign better. Still, you have to put somewhere the real end date of the offer.

Stock numbers

Create scarcity by presenting your stock numbers when running low. Only 1 left in stock or Limited edition: 50 at this store. Showing a low number of items available will create an urgency to your customer, that if he doesn’t get it now, it might be gone forever. If you do not have the right systems connected to your website to show the stock numbers. Simply put: “Limited number in stock” at your product.

Special editions

A special edition already implicated that there is a limited number of that item, but it can’t hurt to mention how many. A lot of companies already made special items for lovers of their brand. The cd world lives on special editions now, recreating old songs with a special tough just to sell another cd. Not the mention comic book markets. Also, companies who have loyal customers bring limited special collector items on the market, like limited car toys from car manufacturers.

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