Top email marketing blogs

Exceptional designs, tips & tricks for your deliverability, awesome coding for interactive emails, where can I find such blogs? While the list below is ordered, there is according to me no best blog, but they all offer a different kind of content in which they exceed.


This blog collects all kind of emails from various companies and posts the best on their blog. This could give you extra inspiration for new designs. On top of that, the newsletter contains also inspiration and knowledge that they gather from other blogs. This newsletter is a must-have for every marketer that deals with email!


Not the best software in the world for CRM, but they are definitely big and have a lot of customers. therefore, also a lot of data, examples, and content. On their blog, there are undoubtedly interesting articles. Because of their reach and familiarity, you can find a lot of articles with interviews that show real-life examples and best/worst practices.


Pleasant about this blog is their categorization of all the topics. You can easily spend an hour on the blog reading about many different subjects on email marketing: from segmentation to email marketing for events. More than weekly they publish a new article, so it is worth your time to visit this blog once in a while.


I am actually quite new to this blog, but it has exceptional content. The articles are long but really good substantiated which I love! They also use a good categorization of their subjects and there are a lot of categories to explore. Also on UX, spam and authorization for example. I can recommend taking a peek yourself.


Not meant for every marketer, but this blog contains handy coding for your email. How to create adaptive emails, interaction in an email, etc. A handy blog for email developers.


Another must for developers in FreshInbox. They publish all new developments and releases that might have an impact on your email. Or that give you new opportunities. For example, changes from Gmail or how to avoid that Apple hides the last image in an email.

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