What influences your deliverability rate

Understanding deliverability helps your email marketing in a great way. Improving deliverability is sometimes the easiest way to increase your reach. Also, you do not want to lose an eye on your deliverability rate. your ESP might ban you from the service or your IP address gets blocked.

What is deliverability

Deliverability is a rate that describes how well you reach the inboxes of your list. It is being measured by dividing the number of emails that ended up in the inbox by the number of emails sent.

Factors that play a role

If you want a high deliverability rate, a few factors play a role. Some of them have to do with the set-up of your email marketing and are very technical, while some can be influenced by the marketers themselves. A good understanding of the deliverability is important on many aspects of a business:

  • Infrastructure: dedicated IP addresses, ISP feedback loop, monitoring, secure mail servers, etc.
  • Reputation: The impact of reputation and how to positively affect the reputation.
  • Authentication: Is it you sending the emails? Set your DKIM and SPF record.

Infrastructure and authentication are technical issues and should be done with help of an IT department and/or the ESP provider. I want to help you marketers and will show you how you can influence the reputation.

What is your Reputation

ISP’s have an indication of you as a sender on how good your email marketing practice is. This is what we call reputation. If you have a poor reputation, the ISP decides not to deliver your email to her customers and your email won’t reach the inbox. These factors have a positive effect on your reputation:

Interaction: Make sure your emails are relevant and receivers interact with your email. High open and click rates give the ISP an indication that your emails are wanted. Also forwarding emails is seen as positive. Then the ISP has no reason to block your emails.
Avoid Spam traps: Spam traps are old email addresses from ISP’s that they flag as a ‘spam trap’. If you email to these old addresses, it means that you are doing a poor job in cleaning your lists. Once you sent a message, you stepped into a trap. Avoid them and keep your list updated.
Low complaint rate: In the ISP platform, users can indicate an email as spam or drag it to their junk folder. Make sure to keep this complaint rate low to have a high reputation. For example, include an unsubscribe button at the top of your email.


  1. Clean up your database regularly. Customers that do not open your emails, could better be removed or activated if possible. This helps both increasing the interaction with your email as avoiding spam traps.
  2. Make sure that your unsubscribe button is easy to find. Make it stand out or even place it at the top of your email. You rather have an unsubscribe then a complaint or being moved to the spam folder which both have a negative effect on your reputation
  3. Using double opt-in and email address validation. Keep your database clean by validating the email address before it is listed in your database and use confirmation emails before an email is used in a recurring newsletter.

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