The force of engaging using TV commercials

When it comes to creating engagement, a TV commercial is not the first channel that comes to mind. But nowadays the internet is in your pocket and switching from TV to another device is not a problem anymore. According to a research conducted by Turner broadcasting, 19.5% of social media brand activity is driven by TV commercials.
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Feedback form on the loo!

Do you have a NPS score on your website, feedback buttons at the end of your emails and does customer service asks your customers to score the conversations. Nowadays every company asks feedback to their customers, but here is a weird experience of what we can all learn.

The idea of writing this post started on my holiday in France. I had to stop at a tank station and visited the restroom. After peeing at the urinal I noticed an interface with a question: “How clean was this toilet?” including 3 smileys. A few questions popped up: Why is this next to the urinal and not next to the exit? Why was the toilet dirty if they have this interface? Do I want to touch the button? Everything is the toilet has sensors, flushing, hand washing, hand drying, why not these buttons? I am starting to doubt whether this way of asking feedback actually works.

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