Using loss aversion in your advantage

The effect that loss has on a brain, is stronger than the effect of gaining. Decision behavior can be strongly affected using loss aversion. Think about the conversations you have at work next to the coffee machine. They are all about negative issues where someone has lost. Not often they will tell you what discussion they won because simply the effect of it is a lot smaller. Read about an interesting experiment and examples to work with. Continue reading

Emotional commercial

Let’s head for Thailand where the need for a life insurance is communicated in a very emotional way.

Emotion is an important aspect of campaigns. In different emotions, a message can be perceived in a different way. Try to imagine a donating campaign for children at war. How would you perceive this campaign when you are mad? And how would you if you were commiserative. In a mad mood you will probably focus on the bad guys creating the war (who you don’t want to send money) and in a commiserative mood, you might feel compassion for the children. The messenger will use everything as music, colors, text, lyrics and sound to get you in the right mood.

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