The force of engaging using TV commercials

When it comes to creating engagement, a TV commercial is not the first channel that comes to mind. But nowadays the internet is in your pocket and switching from TV to another device is not a problem anymore. According to a research conducted by Turner broadcasting, 19.5% of social media brand activity is driven by TV commercials.
Here are two Star Wars commercials that did an excellent job in creating social media engagement using a commercial.


Let’s start off with a commercial of a Star Wars movie: Rouge One. This commercial from China actually brought me real tears, and reading the reactions on YouTube, also to another 7 million people around the world had the same experience. In two days the commercial was shared over 88,000 times and had 144,000 reactions. Absolutely a beautiful, breathtaking commercial:

The Spot is from Phillippine telecom company Globe and Disney Southeast Asia and is an effort to raise donations for the Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation. Beautiful to see how every element falls in place for creating an emotional campaign. To see more on how they do it, read the article: emotional commercial

Volkswagen: The force

The success of this commercial was so great that they made a trilogy of the commercials. The ad was launched in 2011. One day after launching the campaign at 8 a.m., the video was already watched 1.8 million times on YouTube. However, Greenpeace made a parody on this commercial creating attention for Volkswagen’s lack of reducing CO2 emission. The Death Star, and in this parody, Volkswagen, is destroying the earth with the emission.

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5 ideas for Event Driven Marketing Campaigns

We all want to increase the number of Event Driven Marketing campaigns because we are all aware that it is an effective way of marketing. The right offer, at the right moment, trough the right channel. Event based campaigns are highly effective because the customer gets an offer that he needs at that moment, Instead of sending offers at the moment the company wants you to buy. These 5 events are proven to be effective, so see if you can use them in your company. Continue reading

Color combinations for marketing


Marketers often struggle with choosing the right color and guess what looks nice. But what color combinations are biologically attractive to our eyes and what color is right for the Call-To-Action button. There is no magic color that works for a CTA button, it all depends on the other colors you use in your communication. I will explain the effect of color on the eyes and 4 kinds of color combinations that you can use. And also an awesome tool to make all these combinations super easy including RGB and hex color codes!

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Emotional commercial

Let’s head for Thailand where the need for a life insurance is communicated in a very emotional way.

Emotion is an important aspect of campaigns. In different emotions, a message can be perceived in a different way. Try to imagine a donating campaign for children at war. How would you perceive this campaign when you are mad? And how would you if you were commiserative. In a mad mood you will probably focus on the bad guys creating the war (who you don’t want to send money) and in a commiserative mood, you might feel compassion for the children. The messenger will use everything as music, colors, text, lyrics and sound to get you in the right mood.

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